A brief intro to the movies

Basically, if you haven’t heard about the Fifty Shades series, then you’ve probably been living in a cave for the past decade and have no connection to the outside world whatsoever. The Fifty Shades is a trilogy based on the sex life of the starring characters Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey.


The first movie revolves around a literature student, Steele, that interviewed her soon to be partner. She found him irresistible and soon discovered his secrets and took a peek into her own desires that were lying deep in the ocean of her imaginations, never being able to resurface.


The other two movies are more of the same. With some twists and turns but the general theme of the series is pretty much the same. The serious includes severe demonstration of bondage in sex. The book and the movie had a huge chunk full of BDSM meant to lift the taboo like feeling people have about it.


Couples were sort of reluctant to ask their other half that they wanted to try BDSM. Call it embarrassing, but Fifty Shades removed that effect from the minds of the public.  Instead, it portrayed bondage as a must-try practice for people that were hitting a rough patch in their sex life.

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